With Metrics, Acquire applies its significant bank of food service industry data, combined with data from your business, to create an online portal unique to your business and tailored to your specific procurement needs. All you need to access your Metrics dashboard is a unique username and password.

Metrics plan monitor

Thanks to the breadth and depth of our data, you can also monitor market trends more closely and use Metrics to plan more effectively for the future.

Metrics captures your EDI invoice information, and data from underlying product catalogues.

It then analyses and processes the captured data to provide you with an ‘online business intelligence solution’ that enables you to monitor and track your procurement performance with intuitive, high-quality charts and tables.

Metrics performance monitor
Metrics analytics monitor

Metrics shows you levels of expenditure over time, breakdowns by commodity group, contract compliance information, price movements, supplier performance, responsible sourcing metrics, split case and distribution efficiency analysis, and much more.